Welcome Black!

Yep, you read it right! Pun intended. Welcome to the blog focused on black owned brands. As the lovely Issa Rae stated, “I’m rooting for everybody black”! Let’s rejoice for all things glowing and melaninated! Yep! We’re throwin’ “shade”! Shades that is! Tan, light brown, dark brown, the deepest brown and EVERYTHING in between, because it’s necessary. Like our 11 year old CEO Kheris Rogers, we are “FLEXIN’ IN OUR COMPLEXIONS”.

There are tons of social media influencers out there, but very few who focus on black ownership. I am using this platform to promote black beauty, black owned cosmetic lines, black owned skin care lines, and black owned hair care lines from all over the world. Some examples are; Juvia’s Place a make up line created by Chichi Eburu, Crayon Case by Reynell Steward, a.k.a. “Supa Cent”, and Richelieu Dennis, founder of Sundial Brands and Shea Moisture. I would also include young enthusiast like, Bellen Woodard, a third grader who reinvented the “skin-colored” crayon. “…With racial discrimination creating an environment that makes it more difficult for Black people to succeed, Black people counteract this unfairness through being willing to support one another. Thus, rather than being an unfair boon for Black people, linked fate and Black people’s resulting willingness to support other Black people, is a way to attempt to level the playing field amidst a group that continues to face striking disadvantage… ” –Marisa Franco Ph.D. I aspire to expand this platform and together we will build a network and directory for black owners and entrepreneurs in the cosmetic and fashion industry.

I’m Rooting for Everybody Black!

Issa Rae

There are some dope ass black-owned companies out there that just aren’t getting as much support and exposure as “everyone” else. There are companies, that have being curated based off those problems. For example shoppeblack.us and supportblackowned.com, create and curate content related to black ownership. They have become leading business directories. You can read more on their stories by clicking the links above.


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To every single person who reads my blog; whether it’s one time, or every single day, Thank you! To everyone who has taken the time to tell me how much they appreciate my ideas, Thank you! Sharing your ideas is also very important to me, so Thank you so much. Thank you for your support and keep asking me questions.