Solving Shaving: Tips for Black Men

Shaving your beard is seldom as easy as it sounds. There is an entire procedure to be followed – from the blades of the razor to the direction it follows. For black men curled facial hair has the tendency to curve backwards and grow into the skin. Extraction of such hair is not only difficult, but also painful. However, with the right shaving routine, the probability of in-grown hair is reduced to a bare minimum – leaving the shaving process easy and irritation-free, and your skin; smooth.  

“Shaving irritation and razor bumps [are] issues some 80% of black men and women have globally,” said Walker. “If you have curly hair, this is an issue that you’re likely to face.”

The problem for Walker was that drugstores predominantly sold multi-blade razors, which aren’t ideal for removing coarse or curly hair and can often cause in-grown hairs.

So in 2013, Walker founded Walker & Company Brands, a startup focused on selling personal care products for people of color. “[My] company really started out of my frustrations of not having products that I could use,” he said.

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What should you do? Follow the tips below!

  1. Wash Your Face. 

As funny as it sounds, cleansing your face with (preferably) lukewarm water is the start to a good shave. This not only makes your skin moist, but also helps in relaxing your facial hair follicles to enable easy extraction.

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If you wish to take facial cleansing to a higher level – go for a face wash suitable for your skin like Ceylon skincare. The key to maintaining good skin health is to know your skin. Observe whether your skin is dry, oily, or a mixture perhaps. If you are unsure what your skin type is, don’t worry I got you covered. Below is a link to help you determine your skin type and it’s needs.

Purchase the right fit of face wash for your face: apply it, rub your cheeks thoroughly, and wash with water leaving fresh, dirt-free skin. 

  1. Grab Your favorite Pre-shave Oil.

While your skin may have become cleansed with a face wash, it may still feel rugged on a razor. You certainly do not want your razor to lag when gliding over your skin because this could result in an uneven shave, or a skin cut. The best way to thus ensure smooth skin is via applying pre-shave oil. The oil helps in lifting up your hair so it can easily be shaved off, without any irritation or redness.  

  1. Get The Right Razor 

While multi-blade razors are famous in all their glory, they might not be the right fit for African American males. This is because they provide a close shave, which can result in in-grown hair. The best bet for such males is therefore, the traditional single-blade razor, especially safety razor. Such a razor requires lesser passes over the skin, thereby reducing razor bumps or the possibility of in-grown hair. 

  1. Apply Aftershave. 

An important step for those with sensitive skin, applying aftershave helps relax facial skin and reduce irritation. However, instead of going for the usual alcohol-based aftershaves, a better option is to go for natural ones. Aloe Vera for instance, is a great moisturizing agent.

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