Skincare for Black Men

Every skin type shines in its own way and asks for a different form of care.

African American Skincare – the Differences and the Tips  

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African Americans, have a relatively darker skin tone than others due to the large number of Melanin-secreting cells in their body. The creation of Melanin is what makes the skin appear darker, and therefore less susceptible to UV skin damage. This dark skin tone also hinders the signs of aging – thereby slowing the emergence of facial wrinkles and giving way to better moisture retention. However, contrary to common opinion, while the high Melanin holds its pros for African American skin, it also comes with its limitations. High Melanin can result in hyperpigmentation, where patches of skin become darker than the rest of the body.  

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When choosing the best skincare routine, there is no ‘one size fits all’. Every skin type shines in its own way and asks for a different form of care. These differences are not only in the brand of products used, but also in the formula of skin-care products.

With help from their advisor Dr. Lynn McKinley-Grant, Boateng and Rascoe created Ceylon as an exclusive product for men of color because research shows they are disproportionately affected by skin concerns such as acne scarring, eczema, razor bumps, and hyper-pigmentation.

“The biggest change that we’d like to see in the industry is an end to the lie that the product is for all skin types,” said Boateng. “There are specific skin concerns that disproportionately affect people of color and it is disingenuous for companies to imply that a skincare product that hasn’t been developed with skin of color in mind can, in fact, be a safe and effective product for people like us. For us, it’s important to have safe, effective, and well-researched products that help deal with these issues without the risks that many common products on the market carry.”

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Men generally have thicker skin than women, therefore preventing the appearance of wrinkles. However, their hair follicles are such that their skin becomes more prone to sun damage. Also, the level of high testosterone in the body post-puberty puts men on the verge of obtaining acne, as well as other skin breakouts.


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To prevent such skin conditions and give way to smooth and glowing skin – here are 3 easy, but effective tips to follow: 

  1. Get the Skin Cleanser for ‘You’ 

Different skin types ask for different cleansing products. Whether your skin is oily, dry, sensitive, or a combination – the first step to a good skincare routine is knowing your skin type. Thereafter can you purchase the right cleanser for you. However, in case you are confused, a common good facial wash is the one free of irritating chemicals and with salicylic acid, which tends to work for all.   

2. Moisturize Well.  

African Americans have a high skin cell turnover. This increases the skin’s ability to remain hydrated and retain moisture better. Thus, after you’ve cleansed your skin thoroughly, it is time to bring some moisturizing action and apply a noncomedogenic moisturizer to your skin. Such a moisturizer refrains from clogging pores, and gently cleanses it to looking supple.  

3. Wear Sunscreen! 

Just because skin of color is less prone to sun damage, does not mean there is no need to apply sunscreen. While for general men, a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher is recommended, African American males can do well for their skin with even an SPF 15 sunscreen – preventing wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and other extreme skin conditions.  

Check out this a Ceylon review: Skincare for Black Men created by Black Men:

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