Closing the “Glam Gap”: A need to design make up for black women.

There is unquestionably a need to compose “real” make up for black women. What I mean by “real” is closing the gaps and adressing every single hole on the spectrum of color for black women. Some of those question impose asking; Why is it that none of our black owners can get his or her product on the shleves of major department stores like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Target? We shop with these companies everyday, yet to find products that fulfill our needs. Why is it hard for consumers to find products from our own communitities? If you’ve ever wanted to contribute to this converstaion, now is the time!

According to KFF [], it has been reported that Blacks only make up about 12% of America’s population, but that’s not where our problems begin. We have been catergorize as miniority and, none the less, treated as such. We are underserviced because we are unique. So unique that even within our very small community, we all require very different needs. Complaints range from coverage coming off ashy looking, washed out, orangey, or too yellow. We could put the responisilbilty in the hands of people who have mindlessly limited our options, or we can take ownership of the beauty industry ourselves. We can be the ones to address every single hole in product range.

“It’s almost as if black women didn’t exist to the beauty industry, and so as a black woman naturally I’m frustrated I don’t see myself. I don’t see representation of people who look like me, my sister, my mother, and I’m questioning it. I’m questioning everything about the beauty industry, the media, and ultimately my self-worth”, Melissa Butler, CEO Lip Bar.

BetNetworks produced a digital series exploring and exposing the discrepancies black women expierence daily in the beauty and care industries. Please do yourself the favor, and watch the series and its entirety.

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Black women typically outspend their white counterparts at an alarming rate when it comes to purchasing beauty products. In our new digital series “Glam Gap” we explore this disparity and more. Watch the premiere now! 

‘Everyone should be able to participate in beauty’: 8 black-owned beauty brands you should shop in 2020

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