Redefining Beauty: Social Media is Changing the Face of Beautiful

Have you ever walked through the park on breezy summer’s day? Have you ever noticed the flowers following the sun’s rays? What about the songs the forest make? Isn’t it just beautiful?



Definition: pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.

Definition: a memorizing experience, like watching the forest trees sway with the sky’s currents from a mountain top.

What is beautiful? What are the standards of beauty? Do you think you meet those standards? What do you do to meet your standards of beauty? Do you consider yourself beautiful? What makes you feel beautiful? As a consumer, do you feel like you see yourself represented enough (specifically in the beauty industry)? There are just tens of questions to address here, but I’m going to move forward…for now. (Men please don’t run. We would appreciate your feedback.)

Beauty is a memorizing experience, like watching the forest trees sway with the sky’s currents from a mountain top. If you look at it from this perspective, then the standard for beauty becomes one of patience and gratitude. I believe we all are capable of meeting these standards. I learn to meet the standard and experience beauty through surrounding myself with positive people, listening to my favorite song, taking a hot shower, and facing my challenges. I feel beautiful when I can be myself and focus on the positive side of things, especially when things go wrong. I think that the cosmetics, skin care, and hair care industry need to evolve their marketing concepts to include things that help us embrace ourselves like never before.

Beauty is such a sensitive topic especially for me because I spend almost every second of my day thinking about it. When you obsessed over something so much, it has a huge impact on the way you think and make decisions. I have been guilty for often trying to hard to be everything but myself. I sought after validation like a ravenous rabbit wondering through my dresser drawers for hours only to find nothing to wear. I would wait til it is entirely to late to tell my girlfriends that I decided I don’t want to go to out anymore. Then like the good friends they are they would offer to help dress me, but I never ran out of an excuse. The “Gurl, my hair is a mess text.” or “I hadn’t put on my face don’t want to hold you up line.” always seemed to work to keep me from facing my own insecurities those nights. This is just one scenario of many. I had this impossible standard in my mind that would steal so much from my life. The much needed conversation of beauty was long over due before I found myself doing the riskiest things for approval.

Let’s face it, you do too! We all think about beauty because beauty is the way we communicate how much money we have and what our values are. Beautiful things make us happy, but we should not be using these values to exclude groups of people. Every person has the right to experience and feel beautiful. It is imperative that we find and promote beauty in all shades, shapes, and textures. Social media has changed the face of beauty, but still misses the mark to making everyone feel included. I think our solution starts with being exposed and seeing different people lauded as desirable and beautiful because (believe it or not) they shape the way we feel about ourselves. We (consumers, influencers, artist, designers) need to express to people that beauty goes beyond the eye. Beauty is an experience. Beauty is a feeling. Beauty is an ability to make other people feel beautiful. Each one of us have the power to create and share something beautiful.

Below you will find some eye opening content about some of the history in black beauty.

Where they once neglected consumers of color with paltry shade ranges, between the mid ‘90s and early 2000s, they began to expand their color offerings and hire African-American, Asian and Latina spokesmodels.

the Grio
But the industry is changing – and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty isn’t the only brand laying the foundation for a more inclusive beauty industry.
#RedefineBlack #MyBlackisBeautiful

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