Shopping Black Owned

Ya’ll, I am so excited because today is my first blog post day!!! I am so excited to share this process with you all, so Thank you again and again and again!

Raven SoRay

I am so thrilled to introduce you to a woman who is out in this world working just as hard to create a positive impact on this world. I created this blog because I love sharing resources and I want to build a strong black community. My mission for this blog is to build a platform, to create, and to share content about black owners in the cosmetics, hair care, and skin care industries for anyone who are looking to support, promote, and or develop black ownership and black entrepreneurship. We will discuss how the black race makes positive contributions to this planet through creations from businesses, jobs, and art . I am looking forward to sharing everything I learn about our modern day black inventors and entrepreneurs.

For example, here you will find sources to help you shop black owned. Below are a list of black owned companies I would like to take time to pay homage to because they inspired me to create another black owned community. Click the links below to learn more are these amazing contributors.

Thanks for reading!

Hey 👋🏽 Soray Readers! Do you love my content? You can now buy me a book by clicking the link below! Donations are used to help support my blog.

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